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It’s the most enduring question in digital asset management: Will I see a return on my investment (ROI) if I use a digital asset management system?

Providing your employees will use it if you buy it and your business have the volume of assets to warrant an enterprise-level DAM solution, 99% of the time the answer is an emphatic “yes”. Because when you put a DAM system at the heart of your business, the benefits are myriad.

The bottom line

The most obvious and transparent benefit to your business is time saved in finding your assets. This is as simple as calculating the time saved by employees per week in finding the assets they need to do their jobs. Our client Alstom has over six thousand users and stores an enormous wealth of media content with us which is distributed globally.

So, say one employee saves three hours per week when using Freestyle Partners to find the assets they need and three hours equals £45 of their time. An average employee works 48 weeks a year. So, 48 x 45 = £2160 saved per year, per user. Simple, really.

Hidden savings

Less simple and transparent are the indirect savings to your business. These savings are many and will depend entirely on how integrated the DAM system is within your business as a whole. For instance, our client Volvo Cars implemented our system on a global scale to manage their brand and we saved them millions of pounds.

Our system will help you in a whole host of ways, including streamlining workflow, lowering production costs, eliminating the accidental use of redundant assets, lessening the need and costs of creating a complex internal IT infrastructure, cutting time-to-market, improving business agility and simplifying protection of your brand. 

If you want to know more about how we can help your business save money and do business better, contact us now to book a demo.

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