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Content cleanse tips for your digital assets


There are obvious benefits of using a system like Freestyle Partners. However, a digital asset management system is only as good as the content it contains.

So, how do you ensure your content remains relevant and doesn’t let you down?

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your assets:

1. Review, review, review!

Throughout the year, at every opportunity, review the assets in your DAM system to ensure the content is up to date and that the most recent assets are available for download.

For example, ensure images from new photo shoots supersede older assets, then archive the older assets.  Where an asset’s buyout has expired, remove the ability to download that asset and link it to the most recent replacement asset. In Freestyle Partners you can do this using our ‘Supersedes’ functionality.

2. Metadata – update and populate

Metadata is the life blood of every digital asset management system. Without clean and accurate metadata users won’t be able to effectively locate what they need.

Regularly review the metadata of all assets and ensure that all relevant details are included. For example, check if there are details that have come to light since the asset was originally uploaded, such as new keywords or taxonomies.

3. Taxonomy management

Taxonomies help users filter their search and locate assets quickly and easily. How up-to-date are your taxonomies? Are there any missing? Have any become redundant?

Regular updates and cleanses of taxonomies ensure that users can filter content quickly and easily.

4. Workflow reviews

Workflows are key to ensuring assets are approved by the right people at the right time before being made available for download.

Do you have workflows in place? If not, then an online workflow approval process, such as Freestyle Partners’ workflow tool, will help to keep this process running efficiently, pro-actively prompting stakeholders for their feedback at the right time.

If you already have online workflows in place, are there any bottlenecks? Reviewing your workflows, in addition to your content, will ensure assets are uploaded and published as efficiently as possible.

5. User behaviour

And finally … don’t forget your users! Analyse how they are searching for assets – what keywords are they using, which are the most used taxonomies and how many searches are resulting in a ‘No Results Found’ page? This information will inform decisions around whether content needs re-tagging or the metadata updating.


If you are now thinking “How on earth can I fit this into my day to day role?” then getting into a routine of blocking out an hour a week to review your data and refine content can go a long way to ensuring your content is always up to date.

If you are still not sure how you can achieve squeaky-clean assets, or simply don’t think you can find an hour each week, then the Freestyle Partners team can help.

Give us a call for more best practice tips on managing and maintaining your assets, or to discuss using our Support Team to help maintain your assets.


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