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DAM as a tool for brand consistency


Maintaining a consistent, positive brand is essential in today’s highly competitive market.

People are more likely to buy from a consistent brand that they feel they know, so brand management should be vital for any business.

But what does this have to do with digital asset management?

What is a brand?

A brand provides a promise of an experience. It should also convey the nature of the product and level of service consumers will receive.

The purchasing process can be a fragile journey, so a company will need to do whatever it can to make the decision as easy as possible for consumers.

 Therefore, consistency of brand is key as it helps to create a brand with a stronger sense of recognition for consumers – like a familiar friend.

 So, how can a DAM solution help to ensure consistency of brand, which in turn will make it easier for consumers to recognise this friend?

Combining team and technology

A centralised DAM solution managed by a team of selected brand administrators can provide greater overall brand control.

These brand administrators should have the ability to decide which brand assets get used and which assets are rejected. The right DAM solution will also provide comprehensive reporting on who has used what, when and how, ensuring accountability for decisions made around communicating the brand.

Also, DAM provides online collaborative and social tools that make it possible to get feedback on projects instantly. What better way to double check with your peers that output is ‘on brand’?

Brand management done better

Obviously a DAM system can’t control a company’s brand on its own. But it can help a company manage the digital assets related to the brand more efficiently while ensuring all assets available are up-to-date and relevant.

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