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What’s new in Freestyle Partners

Latest Release: Collaborative Lightboxes!


Partners is the change you want to see in your business

You know that the intelligent management of assets is crucial to your company’s success.

You also know that choosing the right digital asset management service is essential to your organisation’s development as it grows and enters new markets.

Freestyle Partners is a simple solution to the complex communication challenges you face every day. Our web-based application provides enormous cost and efficiency savings and an immediate and lasting return on investment.

If you are interested in the changes Partners can make to your business, contact us for a free demo.

Newest functions for your business

Collaborative workspaces – Introducing Lightboxes

The key to great business is working together. Our collaborative workspaces, called Lightboxes, give you the power to work together on projects wherever you are in the world.

Also, with Lightboxes you can use recognisable social media functions to ‘like’, share and comment on work and projects to add a new level of interaction to your organisation.

Other benefits include:

  • Security – no firewall issues, data encryption or redundancy.
  • Management – assign customised access to assets and maintain control of project workflow
  • Real-time updates – see any changes, comments or ‘likes’ instantly
  • Intuitive system – Partners is easy to use and requires no specialist training

Performance Reporting – the KPI dashboard

We understand the importance of data and the insight it provides for your business.

Our newly developed system gives you monthly reports so you have all the information you need on your Partners usage to keep you in the know.

  • Real-time reporting – get usage information as it happens
  • Custom reports – choose the information you want to see and the way it’s displayed
  • Report archive – download all previous monthly reports from one easy-to-access archive

Other new additions

Asset information

Partners now gives you even more information on your assets

  • New information bar – with image rollover display
  • Gallery viewer – slideshow view for images attached to multi-file assets
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