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What’s going on in the world of digital asset management

How can DAM help marketing, creative and sales teams?

shutterstock_142081228All types of organization and business can hugely benefit from a digital asset management system. The Freestyle Partners digital asset management system was built to be flexible and to help in all business situations, from small teams up to thousands of users within international corporations.

So, let’s take a look at marketing, creative and sales teams and how they can benefit from using a DAM system, as it is these guys who use digital assets on a daily basis. The best place to find these three teams in one business setting is within a digital agency.

Digital agencies have thousands of stored digital assets, hundreds of employees, and business challenges such as cutting expenses, workflow optimisation and brand consistency which can be met through the use of a digital asset management system.

Speaking to those in the know

For an insight into how a digital asset management system can make a change to a digitally focused business, we asked Sam Nelson and Alan Cooper from digital agency Freestyle Interactive to tell us how they their teams have benefited?

Sam Nelson, Head of Design: “Having all the components of our creative tool-kit in one place is essential for a digital agency. We need to move fast and don’t want to have to hunt around for imagery, logos, guidelines, ‘that movie we made once for Arriva’ . It helps us maintain discipline and pace, and is essential for us to manage a busy agency’s output, keeping the focus on creativity rather than admin.”

Alan Cooper, Development Director: “Business Development and sales teams are hungry animals for tools, boiler plate material and pretty much anything they can use to help close that sale. They want to respond instantly, with relevant information and examples, and to have that information close at hand is a lifesaver for them. Knowing that you can lay your hands on the latest credentials, case studies, videos and presentations in a few easy clicks makes a huge difference.”

An asset to your business

So, how could this be of benefit to you?

Imagine this situation: you are in the middle of a meeting with a potential client, you need to find a case study quickly but A) it’s on your computer in the office or B) it’s somewhere on your laptop but you have no idea where!

With Freestyle Partners, finding your files is as easy as opening your web browser and using the search function within the system. That is how digital asset management can be of direct benefit to you as a user.

If you would like to see how Freestyle Partners can help you do business better, get in touch or request a demo.


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