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Prestigious award for Freestyle Partners!


Freestyle Partners, last night won a prestigious DAMMY Award at the Digital Asset Management Conference and Exhibition in New York City.

The award for ‘Best Strategy, Ease of Use for End-User Interface’ was given to Alstom Partners, an implementation of the Freestyle Partners system used globally by the French engineering giant,
at the fourth annual DAMMY Awards.

The DAMMYs are the premier awards in digital asset management, set up by Createasphere to recognise pioneering individuals for outstanding achievement.  

Elaine West, Director of Internet and Brand, Alstom Group:

“Alstom Partners is a central tool for effective brand and corporate communications globally at Alstom. This award really confirms for us the level of excellence in asset management the Partners system has achieved. At Alstom, we see the value of this tool every day, but an international award such as this really confirms across our peer group that we are truly leading the class. Needless to say, we are delighted.” 

Phil Morton, Director, Freestyle Partners:

“This year’s DAMMY competition attracted the most diverse range of participants in the history of the event, so we are honoured to come out on top, particularly alongside prestigious brands including McDonald’s, Best Buy and Simian. Freestyle Partners delivers a class-leading asset management experience across our client base and this award for the Alstom implementation is real confirmation of that.”

Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, President, Createasphere:

“This year’s DAMMY winners represent the highest level of dedication and professionalism, and each one has made significant contributions that will have an impact on the industry for years to come. We are very pleased to honour these individuals and organisations and are grateful to everyone who helped to make the 2013 DAMMYs an outstanding success.”

The right digital asset management system can grow your business, save time and generate revenue. For more information on how Freestyle Partners can help your business, visit the Freestyle Partners website

Createasphere‘s 2014 digital asset management conferences will be held in Los Angeles in March and New York City in October.

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