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Proud to be DAMMY Winner


We recently won the Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface at this year’s DAMMY Awards on behalf of our client Alstom.

This award is given in recognition of a ‘company, organisation or technology that has created ease of use for end users in a DAM System interface reflecting an intuitive user experience’.

In layman’s terms, that means we’re awesome!

Not just a pretty (inter)face

Many of our team aren’t just experts in digital asset management, we also boast years of expertise in design and build as well as user experience. This experience has enabled us to take Freestyle Partners beyond a ‘software’ solution into a market-leading business tool.

As a DAM system we strive to make Partners as intuitive and effective as possible. This is apparent in the navigation, search and overall interface, as we aim to provide an engaging and user-friendly experience.

We feel this attention to user-experience makes for a personalised and familiar feeling system focused on delivering content that is relevant to the user. So, to gain recognition in this field is a great honour.

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Sophie Eadon

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