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DAM: saving time and money

dam-saving-time-money-smallWith a multinational business, the sheer size of the company means the amount of money and time that can be wasted accomplishing something as simple as sharing information is huge. A business process as seemingly trivial as file access and sharing is the last thing you want to be involved with, but you’re more likely to be interested when you understand the inefficiency, the associated waste and harm to your brand that could occur as a result of ignoring the problem.

At Freestyle Partners we work with Alstom, a multinational business in the power industry, and we save them vast amounts of time and money every year by delivering access for thousands of employees to over six hundred thousand assets, globally, within seconds. How do we do it? Let me explain…

The challenges of size and success

Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure solutions. They operate in over a hundred countries and have a global workforce of around one-hundred thousand.

The tendency in such large organisations is to structure digital properties in the same way as the organisation is internally structured – regardless of whether this makes sense to the system user. This is a genuine problem within large-scale enterprises. What’s more, multi-business, global organisations will typically have hundreds of thousands of assets, accessed by thousands of users, each of whom may well have a unique requirement. Factor in the challenges of delivering readily-available asset recovery anywhere in the world and things swiftly begin to get slow, costly and communications can become seriously off brand.

 How does Freestyle Partners help?

 The majority of DAM solutions should be able to solve this problem, but they will tend to look at it as a storage problem.

 Partners is different. We approached the issue from a user perspective, delivering a more effective and intuitive end result. This user-centric approach has helped to propel Partners to the premier solution for the management of all Alstom’s digital assets.

 By using this methodology to structure the solution, thousands of Alstom’s users now have easy access to all their assets, anywhere in the world, in seconds! In fact, the adoption has been so successful that Alstom and Freestyle Partners recently won an international award at the prestigious DAMMY Awards in New York.

 If you’d like to know how we can help your business manage its digital assets better, contact or take a look at some of our case studies

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