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If you build it, they will come…(eventually)

Building_417x239So, you’ve just set up your brand new digital asset management (DAM) system. Technical training is complete and all your assets are sitting comfortably in one place and are easily accessible for all your users. Now all you have to do is wait for your users to log on and start using the system…and wait, and wait, and…oh.

System adoption is an issue that many businesses face when they implement any new technology. An issue you may have to deal with is that staff members don’t necessarily appreciate another business system being added to what is often an already impressive list of legacy software, comprising holiday planners, time sheet programs, website CMSs, internal server systems, intranets and all the rest. All of a sudden your sparkling new DAM solution looks like just another irritating barrier to actually getting some work done, and without proper orientation and inspiration, your users will revert back to old habits, favouring email to share assets (usually out-dated ones) and the system will sit redundant…and you’ll be back to square one.

Empowering staff and encouraging engagement

So, what’s to be done? How do you get your reluctant employees to use a system you know will be good for your business in the long-run? Well, there are a number of things you can do to encourage users to implement a new DAM system. One of the first things we recommend is the creation of a small set of core users, champions if you like, to take an active role in the organisation and management of all assets. This minimises repeated training sessions and keeps much of the low-level support in-house. We also recommend communicating to staff why you implemented the DAM software in the first place. This should highlight the benefits of the system and how it will make the day-to-day work of your employees easier and processes more efficient.

Collaboration and personalisation

Once you’ve got your staff opening the system and taking their first tentative steps, you should see a snowball effect in terms of uptake and breadth of feature use. With Freestyle Partners, we have created a workspace where users can interact with each other, making the experience a lot richer for users. Once users realise the collaborative possibilities available, the system goes from a place where you can store and download assets on a central platform, to a system that encourages engagement and provides a sense of community around projects. The collaboration features within Freestyle Partners offer all this and more, with the next release bringing a host of interactive functionality, including the Activity Steam bringing a personalised notification centre, comment, voting and messaging.

Another way to bring users into the fold is to create a workspace that looks ‘on-brand’. This means using company colours, logos and fonts to design the look and feel of the Freestyle Partners system, helping staff to feel at home with a system the very first time they use it.

Keep it simple…and effective

Above all, highlighting ease-of-use is the most effective way to motivate your users to utilise your new system. From logging in, to finding the correct assets, simplicity is paramount and we’ve built the Freestyle Partners system with that ethos firmly at the front of our minds. Hopefully these tips will help you raise DAM system adoption rates across your business and help your users become accustomed to regularly accessing the resources provided.

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Sophie Eadon

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