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Digital Asset Management: An essential purchase?

Digital Asset Management: An essential purchase?

The last month or so has been very interesting in terms of insight generated by our web demonstrations and new business meetings. Industry trends are always hard to predict, but I find that the best and most useful insight comes directly from our customers.

Digital asset management (DAM) is an immature industry. That may sound strange coming from a provider of digital asset management software, but it’s true. It’s nowhere near as established as the industry surrounding CRM or CMS software, for example.

My job is to speak to people, and by people I mean marketing managers and digital managers (who should be “in the know”!) about our software. We regularly discuss their challenges and how DAM software could potentially help.

The most common response in these meetings is: “I didn’t realise software like this exists”.

Unfortunately this is all too often followed by “I don’t think we need this type of software”.

Is this frustrating? Absolutely. But, with a couple of follow-up questions, it’s easy to asses whether DAM software really would help their business or not.

So, I present a few of the questions I regularly ask our prospects. If they sound relevant to your business, please get in touch using our contact form.

1. Do you have issues with members of staff storing documents locally, or using Dropbox or Google Drive despite it being against company policy?

In my experience this is one of the simplest questions to answer and one of the biggest sources of frustration for people working in marketing or sales teams.

Staff want convenience and easy access to their digital “stuff”. If the company doesn’t provide a solution to this then of course the staff will look to meet this need elsewhere.

A DAM system is that alternative.

2. Has your businesses suffered financial penalties or legal challenges relating to the use of images with an expired or out-of-date license/copyright ? 

This topic has come up numerous times over the last month or so. I was told by one high street retailer that they were sued by a model who, having walked into one of their stores, noticed that out-of-license images of her were being used on a video wall and printed banners. That one mistake cost the company upwards of £25k.

Our system is designed to make this almost impossible.

3. How long does your team/department spend looking for documents, images, logos etc. each day?

This is a little harder to quantify (although we did post a pretty compelling infographic on this topic last year) and somewhat ties in with question one.

In short, powerful search functionality is a huge time saver when combined with an asset storage system.

Partners users can go from 130,000+ images to single figures within a couple of clicks, saving huge amounts of time and effort looking for assets.

So, is Digital Asset Management software an essential purchase?

Well, if any of the above questions sound relevant to you, then it would be worth talking to us. Only you will know for sure how necessary DAM is to affecting a change within your business!

If you do want to chat about your DAM requirements then please get in touch with Matt Deegan, using this contact form, or by calling 01926 652 832.


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