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What’s going on at Freestyle Partners

Partners now available on’s Digital Marketplace

G-Cloud and the Digital Marketplace are part of a growing initiative to open up government contracts for the digital age. This is all about making it easier for public bodies to find the right kind of services and providers, and to give a more level playing field for potential service providers. There are a number of frameworks available to suppliers, from individual specialists through teams, support and software, through to mission-critical data centres.

Public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can use the Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects.

It’s been a successful story so far, and since its inception in 2012 has provided c. £1.8bn of business for those providers on the frameworks.

Securing a place on the framework, and being able to call yourself a ‘Crown Commercial Services supplier’, follows a thorough process to confirm the nature, scale and capability of our business.

Consequently we were delighted to have secured our place on the framework for provision of Cloud Software, with our Freestyle Partners product. You can see the description here

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Freestyle Partners is a Digital Asset Management solution, and has been part of our portfolio of services since we first built Land Rover’s image library in 2000!

Since then it’s housed millions of files, managed tens of thousands of users and has evolved to be an award-winning product, with a raft of money and time saving benefits, an intuitive user interface and an ever-evolving collaborative approach to helping you do business online.

It’s used by a wide range of clients, from modest to major businesses to centralise, manage, distribute and collaborate all their core digital assets. Along the way it’s saving significant and demonstrable time and money, as well as safeguarding a priceless resource irrespective of management, agency and other partner changes.

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