So, it’s 3am and your phone starts buzzing.

Your branch in Tokyo needs the newest branding immediately and if they don’t get it the shop fitters are going to be idle and the shop won’t open for a day or more – totally unacceptable for a brand with your prestige.

In the past you’d spend 20 minutes getting a remote connection to your company network and then start frantically looking for the branding files. When you find them (surprise, surprise!) the guidelines and artwork files are huge.

So, bleary-eyed, you’d start contacting all the relevant people. You’d phone the brand manager and get her to FTP the guidelines to Japan. Then you’d call the design team and get them to FTP the new artwork files too.

After that, you’d spend the next three hours coordinating everyone, via extortionately priced phone calls, and finally your Tokyo branch would open.

But now, with the help of the Freestyle Partners Digital Asset Management software, all you need to do is boot up our system in the browser of your laptop and invite the brand manager, the design team and the guys in Japan to your new Branding Lightbox. You can upload all the artwork, brand guidelines and instructions needed to ensure your brand is faithfully recreated anywhere in the world to this collaborative workspace and assign access according to your needs. Plus, any questions anyone has can be dealt with in the comments section.

So, you can’t stop the rude awakening, but you can avoid the headache.