And like all PR disasters, this one came out of nowhere.

As the comms director, you’ve got to make sure this situation is dealt with as quickly and professionally as possible, and that your multi-national business comes across positively.

But how to ensure your response is timely and centralised?

In the past it would have taken a massive organisational effort to make it happen. You’d have spent literally hours on the phone. You’d send email after email to your representatives across the globe to ensure they were ‘on message’.

But with Freestyle Partners, organising a critical communications response is as easy as inviting everyone to the same collaborative workspace, or Lightbox. You can even set your own personal security levels, so information flow is yours to control and sensitive information is kept out of vulnerable email strings.

In a Partners Lightbox you can share files, have conversations and approve work instantly on a global scale without anything more sophisticated than a web browser.

Global response coordinated, crisis mitigated and a job well done.