Freestyle Partners has some of the most powerful asset management features available, all built into an award-winning design.

Upload, store & share

Manage, share and distribute all of your vital business assets, saving your business both time and money.

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Collaboration & social

Manage projects, create custom workflows, start conversations, watch, like and comment on assets, and receive notifications.

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Intuitive user interface

Designed by leading interaction, DAM and technical specialists to give you the best in asset management.

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Full customisation

From custom menus, bespoke tagging and custom file conversions to integration with your internal systems using our API, you can tailor the system to suit your own business needs.

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Upload, store and share assets easily

search500 GB storage comes as standard

  • All file types supported including multi-file assets
  • Quick and easy upload system, with bulk edit options
  • Full file conversion and transcoding with automatic generation of online preview versions

Powerful search function for locating files

  • Powerful and comprehensive search engine providing full indexing of metadata, taxonomies, keywords and the contents of the files themselves.
  • Search specific libraries or the entire system with ease


Powerful sharing tools

  • Share assets and files with both registered and unregistered users using My Lightboxes and My Cloud
  • Share assets and collaborate with users using our powerful Conversations feature
  • Send links to assets using our URL shortener and QR code generator
  • Share files from assets publicly through a Content Delivery Network (CDN), with support for streaming video and document reading

Publish assets on your website

  • Use imagery, videos, audio and documents from Partners in your website through embed codes or integration into your Content Management System (CMS)
  • Use the EpiServer CMS v11 connector for easy selection of files directly from Partners
  • Files publised publicly are served over the Partners Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast access wherever in the world your site’s visitors are located

Personal storage via My Cloud

  • Share assets with other users by email, or store and access for personal use
  • Access your files from any computer with an internet browser
  • Invite external users to upload files into your ‘My Cloud’
  • Storage configurable per userFreestyle Partners

Bulk edit and upload options

  • Bulk upload tool for uploading multiple assets in one go
  • Bulk updating of assets including metadata and taxonomies

App Enabled

  • Use our iPad app to download and store collections for offline use
  • Use the app to power your mobile sales teams or on kiosks at exhibition stands
  • Send download links to your prospective customers

Collaboration and social tools for your business

Notifications, news feeds and My Alerts

  • Receive updates via the news feed, my alerts and email
  • Be notified of assets, files and lightboxes being shared with you
  • Be notified when you receive conversations and comments
  • Receive status updates from assets such as update or expiry alerts
  • Integrated with Firefox, Chrome and Safari notifications

lightboxesShare and collaborate

  • Manage personal collections of assets using My Lightboxes to share and collaborative securely
  • Create dialogue around assets and collections
  • Gather feedback and collate assets for use in your projects

Watch, like and comment

  • Follow and watch assets or types of assets
  • Receive status updates from assets such as update or expiry alerts
  • Follow comments on assets by other users
  • Like assets to help others find useful assets


  • Send messages and have conversations with other users using My Conversations
  • Collaborate with each other directly through Partners
  • Start discussions that others can contribute to
  • Attach assets and lightboxes


  • Access all your personalised files, conversations, alerts and workspaces via My Partners
  • Tailored user experience based on permissions, roles and available features
  • User profile management including personal storage, notifications and conversations

Intuitive user interface


Award-winning design

  • Winner of the prestigious DAMMY Award at the Digital Asset Management Conference for “Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User Interface”

Customised user experience

  • Customise the interface by creating as many libraries as you like and allowing users access to specific features
  • Full control over the features and assets available to each user
  • Create a structure that is suited to your business
  • One-click navigation from any page with easy access to all features

Full customisation

Branded for your organisation

  • Customise Partners with your own look and feel
  • Create a design that works with your brand guidelines

top-menuFlexible structure and user experience

  • Create custom libraries, metadata fields, menus,  taxonomies, roles and permissions
  • As much or as little customisation as you want
  • Tailor the asset data to show the information you need
  • Add functionality to the system with custom plug-ins

API integration

  • Use our API to integrate with your internal and external business systems
  • Create, update, manage and synchronise assets and collections through our API
  • Full event streaming allowing systems to listen for changes and updates as they occur

Flexible and secure user management

  • Easily create new user profiles
  • Set custom security options
  • A range of administration rights allows for varied access and customisation of the user experience
  • Integrate with Single Sign-On (SSO) systems for centralised authentication and rights management

Flexible site management

  • Access all of the site management tools to take full control of your system