You know that coordinating a global marketing campaign is never easy, and when your marketing collateral will be seen by millions across the world, you need everything to be perfect. And when I say perfect, you know I mean perfect.

With a global campaign, you have thousands of targeted campaign assets to distribute across the world to specific regions – without Freestyle Partners, that can be a task of enormous proportions. Your images, translations, brand guidelines and messaging all need to be collated and placed in the right hands, in the right countries and at the right time.

Before using Partners all this would have to be done through an FTP service and email. It would be a nightmare to coordinate. But, when using Partners the process couldn’t be simpler.

For a start, all your campaign assets can be stored in the Partners system, or in your own ‘My Cloud’ section if they’re personal files. And with the ability to assign access to specific content, you can make sure the region-specific content is only seen by the people you want.

What’s more, you can use the Lightbox feature to discuss, approve and monitor workflow through the instant messaging and ‘like’ functions.

So instead of having to concentrate on time-consuming admin, you can get on with doing your job.